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Plywood for furniture
Plywood for furniture
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Plywood for walls
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Plywood for decoration
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We are a Russian supplier engaged in the sale of plywood from Russian production. Our company is one of the international market leader on the market. We produce any type and format of plywood in any quantity at reasonable prices.

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Green Ply is a reliable supplier of birch plywood and deals with the best manufacturers in the Russian Federation with excellent cooperation. The Quality of our products and services are part of our success.

  • Quality is our priority. In our warehouses we store various products made of high quality material, which are manufactured in excellent factories of the Russian Federation and which are bought in well-established Russian factories. They are our most important partner in order to guarantee our customers certified and qualitative products.
  • Everything you need we have in stock.In our warehouses, we store the most diverse types of birch plywood of all sizes and thicknesses and stored in large quantities.
  • Punctuality is what characterizes us. Due to our great availability of material, we ship the order to your desired location and at your desired time. We appreciate the time of our customers.
  • The prices given on the website are the most recent. We only accept the amount for the sum stated in the catalog.

Our employees are trained specialized consultants who can contact you by phone call on request. They will answers any possible questions of yours due to the special training and many years of professional experience. Every customer can get information about the properties, features and utilization of our products. In any case of doubt our employees will be always ready to give you appropriate advice in accordance with your needs.

Leave a request for a phone call, to get any information you need or get a free consultation. We will contact you within 5 minutes.

The fields of application of our plywood panels are various: in construction, in the manufacture of furniture, in floor work and for decorative work.
Exterior work
Roof coverings
Plywood for transports
Parquet and laminate
Why should you choose us?
We are proud of our position as market leader and our success. Hundreds of customers trust us. We deliver more than 70.000 m³ of plywood annually.
Quality control
We only sell certified plywood that complies with applicable standards
No matter what you wish, we have everything in stock at all times. We do not waste your time
Price guarantee
Our prices correspond to the sums stated in the catalog. Without additional fees. Our reputation comes first
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A free consultation is available around the clock. Leave your contact information and we will answer all your questions
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